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All Things Pool New England is a one stop forum of cue sport news, pool training, coaching, learning, tournaments, activities, and opportunities. 

ATP New England brings everything about pool to players in New England and beyond through the lens of 5 vibrant and interrelated pool programs and organizations:

YouTube videos are organized by "Playlists".  Currently there are 5 playlists which can be selected. Some videos appear in more than one category.   

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The New England USA Pool League

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The New England Pool League and the New England BCAPL league offer the very best pool league opportunities for players of all skill levels. While our BCAPL divisions play for cash payouts, the USAPL divisions compete for paid trips to Las Vegas and entry into the World USAPL 8 ball and 10 ball championships.  We only play call pocket “No Slop” pool in the leagues and have the highest return of any national league back to the players.  We have also begun adding the Puerto Rican Caribbean Championships for our players.

The New England JACS - the Junior American Championship Series  

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New England (JACS) Junior American Championship Series.  The New England JAC Welcome to the New England Junior American Billiard Championship Series. Our series currently consists of six (6) stops; five (5) state championships and one (1) New England Regional Championship. The Billiard Congress of America (BCA) is the governing body of pool in North America. Along with the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) The BCA has, for more than a generation, created a platform for young players to compete, grow, and to flourish in the sport of billiards. The winners of each State Championship stop, in both the Girls and Boys divisions, will be awarded the official title of State Champion and will win a paid entry into the BEF American National Billiard Championships. This event is scheduled to take place at the Oakley-Lindsay Center in Quincy Illinois, July 8-13. 

The Red Dragon Billiards Club and Training Center 

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Red Dragon Billiards Club and Training Center.  The Red Dragon Training Center is in Harvard, Massachusetts.  Individual and group lessons are offered using a structured and proven curriculum.  Junior instruction is offered every Sunday, during the school year, free of charge.  Members are offered 24/7 access via key fob or electronic code.

The American Online Pool School  

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The American Online Pool School.  The American pool school offers the finest in online and in-person billiard instruction to pool players of all ages. Led by PBIA Master Instructor Roy Pastor, the American Pool School as trained and accredited instructors on four continents, created curriculum and materials used by pool schools and programs worldwide, and has set the standard for pool instruction and coaching.

The Break and Run Premier Junior Instructional Program  

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The Break and Run Premier Junior American Training Program. The Break and Run Premier Junior Instructional Program  is a free online instruction and coaching site for junior players, offered by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA).   The BCA is the North American agent of the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA -the world governing body of pool)   and, as such, is the governing body of pool in North America.

All Break and Run instructors are PBIA accredited and have undergone background checks and approval to work with junior players.

The lead instructors for this incredibly effective program are PBIA Master Level instructor Roy Pastor and PBIA Advanced Level Instructor Steve Sherman. 

Our break and Run students are well recognized across the world, playing on the highest amateur and professional levels, both nationally and internationally.