We offer both in-person and online instruction and coaching.  All instructors are accredited by the Professional Billiard Instructors Association (PBIA).  PBIA accreditation assures the highest level of professionalism, experience, and competency.  To find a PBIA accredited instructor near you CLICK HERE. 

Roy Pastor is the lead instructor for both the in-person and the online instructional programs.  Roy is one of about 25 PBIA Master Instructors in the United States and has been teaching and coaching pool for over 20 years.  Roy is the recipient of the 2020 Jerry Breisath PBIA instructor of the year award, and is recognized both nationally and internationally for excellence in teaching and coaching.  


In-person instruction is conducted at the Red Dragon Billiards Club and Training Center in Harvard, Ma.  The club is located at 285 Ayer Rd. in Harvard Ma.  Private and group instruction is available.  Contact us for details. 

Membership in the club is also available and grants 24/7 access to members via key card, as well as discounts on instruction. 

Gift certificates available.

                  Fee Schedule for Red Dragon Membership and Training

Fee Schedule for membership.pdf


Online instruction is offered through the American Online Poolschool.    Log onto the school website to sign up for classes.  Customized private online instruction is also avaialable.  Contact Roy Pastor for more information.  See also the American Online Pool School on FACEBOOK. 

The most popular class in the American Online Pool School is the "PBIA instructor accreditation course".  This course focuses on how to teach pool and fulfills all the requirements of the BCA and PBIA to become certified. 

 This is an affordable option that allows the student to complete the course at his or her own pace and schedule.  Use code#1000530  for a $100 discount.  

5 Star Reviews 

Steve Sherman:   Outstanding Course! 

This is an outstanding course that not only arms a future instructor with educational materials regarding pool concepts, but also teaches how to teach. The videos, practical examples, assignments and requirements to have course participants demonstrate & practice what they have learned differentiates this from other PBIA courses or certification processes out there. And the price point for this is outstanding. You will get no finer learning for the price anywhere. Highly recommended.

Eric Heiland:  Awesome and Informative

Very awesome and informative Certification Course. Roy was very informative and very responsive with any questions I had throughout the course. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to become a teacher of pool.

Kamao Cappo:  Absolutely Awesome!

I learned a great deal from this course, and I intend to use it to help my own game and to help others with this information.

Steve Cuff:  Excellent!!

Excellent content!  Very well written and understandable. Totally enjoyed this course and can't wait to keep learning and teaching.

Virgil Botha (South Africa):  Awesome!

This is an awesome course.  I learned so much, 10 out of 10 guys, you did a great job putting this course together.  Looking forward to my next course. 



Teaching and coaching any sport is a unique skill set.    Many strong pool players who claim to be coaches, have little or no ability to teach or to coach in an effective manner.  If your prospective coach goes on about how many championships he/she has won then you are asking the wrong questions and you likely have the wrong coach.  For an excellent book on how people learn and what makes an effective coach check out "The Talent Code" by Dan Coyle. 

The first step in selecting an instructor/coach is to find someone that is accredited.  Check the link above to the PBIA (Professional Billiard Instructor Association) for your first level of inquiry.  PBIA accreditation ensures that your instructor has successfully completed a program and has acquired the skill set required to teach billiards.  There are four levels of PBIA accreditation:                               

                     1. Recognized                                                                                                                          

                     2. Certified                                                                                                                                 

                     3. Advanced                                                                                                                               

                      4. Master

  The recognized instructor level means that the instructor is certified to teach the beginner/novice level. 

  Both the advanced and Master level instructor can approve the accreditation of an instructor.  Only a Master instructor can sign off on the approval of another Master instructor.    

  Always, ask questions to find an instructor/coach right for you. 

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