USAPL Downloads

Score Sheets - Printable

8-ball Team score sheet

10/9-ball Team score sheet

8-ball singles match score sheet

10/9 Ball singles score sheet

When using paper score sheets use the USAPL Race-to Calculator to determine races. 

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Tournament Charts

Bye Placement Chart - Use this chart when placing byes in a less than full event. 

Practice suggestion:  If you download a bracket and save as a PDF file, you will be able to print out in Poster Mode from the settings on your printer.  This means that you can print the bracket in multiple pages in a very large poster size if you desire. 

8 bracket single elimination                                                           8 bracket double elimination

16 bracket single elimination                                                       16 bracket double elimination

32 bracket single elimination                                                 32 bracket double elimination

64 bracket single elimination                                                        64 bracket double elimination

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