USAPL Scoring App

The USAPL Scoring App, as well as the BCAPL Scoring App. can be downloaded from either Google play or the Apple Store.  There is no charge for the download.  The New England USA/BCA Pool League no longer uses paper scoring.  All weekly league scoring must be via the scoring app. 

All Players, BCAPL and USAPL, should download the FargoRate App., also free to download.  The FargoRate app provides you with the history of all your matches, upcoming schedule, your current FargoRate, your "Players Card" and more.  

  The password and membership number is the same for both the scoring app and the FargoRate app. 

If you are playing in the USAPL or the BCAPL and do not have either the USA Pool League Scoring App or the FargoRate Player app. then: 

What if I just need to find my membership number?  

   If you can't remember your membership number then go to  "Membership Lookup" Remember that if you are using a phone you will have to follow the Mobile User Link to access the information.  You are able to look up anyone in the USAPL/BCAPL system. 

If you are a brand new player and your number is not yet showing up in the Membership Lookup feature, you can also look up your number on the FargoRate site  

What if I just want to set up the USAPL Scoring app alone? 

What if I had tried to do all this before and had already submitted a password but don't know what it is?  Or, I have no idea what I did but... nothing works.  What do I do?

What if I am now able to sign on and can see my account, but I have another problem?  For instance, my name is spelled wrong or I have have a new married name?  What if I have more than one profile showing up in LMS and FargoRate, how do I get them merged?


Now that I have the USAPL scoring app, how do I use it?

For a  step by step explanation on how to use the USAPL scoring app. Click Here

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