Division schedules and stats


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Double play divisions, divisions that play both 8-ball and 10-ball, display player and team stats independently.  For instance, if you play in the Monday Billiards Cafe double play division, you will have to look up your team standings and individual stats in both 8-Ball and 10-Ball. 


                    Thursday scotch doubles at Strokers Billiards, Pelham   CLICK HERE

                    Tuesday scotch doubles at the Billiards Cafe, Ayer            CLICK HERE

                    Wednesday Masters 10-ball at the Billiards Cafe               CLICK HERE

What do those Stats mean?

BR  A Break and Run occurs when the Breaker makes a ball on the break, without a foul, and runs a minumum of 5 balls before pocketing the winning ball.  For instance, in 10-Ball, the breaker pockets the 9 ball on the break and then runs balls #1-4 before making the 10 on a 5/10 combo.  The breaker pocketed a minimum of 5 balls and legally pocketed the winning 10-Ball. 

WZ  A WinZip occurs when the loser of the rack finishes the rack with 0 points.  The score at the end of the rack is 14-0. 

TR  A Table Run occurs when a player runs out the rack at his/her first turn at the table.  There is no requirement that the breaker break dry.  For instance, in 8-Ball,  player #1 breaks, makes a low ball and makes 3 more balls before missing.  Player #2 comes to the table and runs the rack.   Player #2 has made a TR (Table Run) and player #1 finishes the rack with 4 points.  A Table Run also requires a minimum of 5 balls pocketed before pocketing the winning ball.  This 5 ball rule is applicable to 10 ball only, as an early 8 in 8-ball is a loss. 

WB  The Win on the Break only applies to the game of 9-ball and does not apply to the formats currently played in the New England USA Pool League.   Players can not win or lose ont the break in 8-Ball and 10-Ball formats. 

MVP  The Most Valuable Player designation is determined by a combination of wins and number of plays.  We no longer use Winning Percentage because players would stop showing up for league after 5 plays because they had a high percentage of wins and wanted to secure the MVP spot. 

PPS The Points Per Set determines team rankings.  We have many ways to determine team standings.  We chose points per set for a number of reasons.  

       The formula for PPS is:                                                                                                                                       

  Total number of points divided by the number of weeks played divided again by the number of matches in the format (i.e.- 5 for a five match format, 4 for a four match format and 3 for a three match format

There important benefits using the points per set formula.   The point per set formula neither helps nor hurts teams that are affected by bye weeks.  Rather than assign an arbitrary number of points to a team that has one or two weeks of play less than another team, the PPS formula looks at performance during the weeks played.   The PPS formula also places a strong emphasis on team performance as measured in points acquired during a match.  This means that the PPS formula gives the biggest incentive to the players on the team to play as hard as they can and to accumulate as many points for their team as they can.  In effect, it discourages sandbagging in all of its forms.