League Calendar


Beginning April 25th, 2023, the New England USAPL will be utilizing singles boards for the singles "Go to Vegas" tournaments.   Players will have more opportunities to compete and the league will be able to send more single players to Vegas.  See "Singles Boards and Qualifiers" for more details. 


Atlantic City Championships, Atlantic City NJ, Jan. 18-21  2024 (USAPL and BCAPL eligible teams and singles)
Connecticut State Junior Championships  Jan. 28, Yale Billiards Wallingford Ct. 
Massachusetts State Junior Championships,  Feb. 17 Straight Shooters, Fall River Ma. 
Scotch Doubles Tournament Feb. 17 Billiards Cafe, Ayer Ma.  TBD 
USA Pool League National Championships, Las Vegas Feb 21-March 2nd, 2024   
Rhode Island State Junior Championships  March 24 Run em Racks, Johnston Rhode Island
New Hampshire State Junior Championships April 6, Strokers Billiards Pelham NH
Maine State Junior Championships  April 27, American Pool and Billiards Portland Maine

                                          Completed Events 2024

                                 UPCOMING EVENTS

Save the dates:

  1.  Sept. 14 at the Billiards Cafe 8 ball singles "Go to Vegas or San Juan" Tournament.      2. Sept. 15 at the Billiards Cafe 10 ball singles "Go to Vegas or San Juan" Tournament.   3. Nov. 23 - location TBD- 8 ball singles "Go to Vegas Tournament"   4. Nov. 24 - location TBD - 10 ball singles "Go to Vegas" Tournament.    5. Dec. 15 at the Billiards Cafe Holiday player appreciation party. 

                       CHALLENGE MATCHES

  The New England USA Pool league offers many opportunities for friendly competition and social interaction.  One of the ways that we accomplish these goals is to arrange CHALLENGE MATCHES.  Because our divisions are spread out over many areas, we try to focus on matches between players who normally would not run into each other.  Of course, we also have matches between those who like to "talk trash" or players who just want to test themselves against others.  Let us know if you would like to issue a challenge!!!  All challenge matches are live streamed on the league Facebook page.



For all upcoming national USAPL, BCAPL, and CSI events log onto the national USAPL page here.

Opportunities for play extend far beyond weekly league play and local tournaments.  Our USAPL/BCAPL family of players qualify to play in amateur and higher level events throughout the country all year long. 



The US Pro Billiard Series, a subset of the World Pro Billiard Series, is a series of open/pro events held in the United States to provide more opportunity for professional and aspiring pool players to compete in premier events, earn more income, sharpen their skills and earn their way into the 1/4 million dollar Predator World 10-Ball Championship held in Las Vegas each year as part of the CueSports International Expo.

The synergy between league players and professional pool players is critical to the growth of the sport. League players want to watch the best and professional pool players need a fan base. Therefore, all US Pro Billiard Series events are held alongside various CSI Leagues events with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of BCA Pool League and USA Pool League members in attendance.