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The New England USA Pool League was founded in 2011 by League Operator Roy Pastor.  Since that time the league has promoted competitive as well as social play,  women's divisions, junior divisions, classes and clinics, fundraisers, charity events, fun tournaments, pro player events, and much much more. 

We estimate that the league operator has taken and saved at least 15,000 pictures - so far.  The photo Gallery section has been divided into a number of sub pages so as to make it easier to find pictures that you might be looking for.  

                 Las Vegas Nationals/Worlds               

The New England USA Pool League has been sending teams and players to Las Vegas since 2012.   

The USAPL/BCAPL offers the best league experience and the best National and World Championships of any league system. 

Check out our Las Vegas Nationals page for more pics. 

                                              League Play

League Play!!  The New England USA Pool League offers multiple formats.  Our league is all "CALL POCKET, NO SLOP" We offer 8-ball and 10-ball formats.

We offer 3, 4, and 5 match formats,  Mixed divisions, Women's divisions, junior programs and BCAPL divisions.  The New England USA Pool League is the league that puts the player and the sport first"

Check out our league Play page for more pics.

                                    Women's Divisions

The New England USA Pool League recognizes that women are underrepresented in the sport of billiards.  In a sport that requires finesse, patience, intelligence, and dedication, we fully expect that the percentage of women in our league and the sport in general will continue to grow.  Ask us about opportunities for play in the New England USA Pool League.  Check out the photos on the Women's division page. 

                                       Junior Programs

Unlike many other league systems, there is no age restriction in the USA or BCA Pool leagues.  Players of all ages are welcomed.  Not only are our junior players able to play in our USAPL and BCAPL divisions, but we have developed one of the most robust junior program in the United States.  Check here for our Junior Program photo page and don't forget to take a look at our what programs are available for junior players. 

                     Fundraisers and Special events

Like any social gathering,  our pool league inevitably leads to a strong sense of community.  Because the New England USA Pool League has always focused on the family, including juniors, there is always an interests in supporting players, causes, and programs outside of the traditional league purview.    

  Check out our Fundraiser and Special Events Photo Page for an overview of some of our events. 

                                           In Memoriam

Playing pool is not only a competitive sport, for most of us it is primarily a social activity.  Over time, we develop friendships with our teammates and with others with whom we compete. We play together, travel together, and we form bonds.  This section is a very simple way to remember our friends and teammates who have left us.  I don't have  pictures of everyone.  Please forward photos of your teammates who have passed to add to this page.  Check here for In Memoriam

  Links to photo albums by year and event

Our Photo Gallery presents a grouping of photos organized by events or interests.  Check out our Links to Photo Albums by Year and Event to find more pics!!!