Junior Programs

PBIA Master Instructor Roy Pastor has been teaching and coaching junior players for over 20 years.  No junior player, or their family, has ever been charged a fee for instruction.  

Structured and established curriculum.

All juniors are taught a very structured, effective, and established curriculum.  Undeniably one of the most successful junior programs in the United States, over the last 20 years.  Roy's students can consistently be found playing on the national and international stage, including on the American Junior team at the WPA world championships.  Juniors ages 6-18 are always welcome in all junior programs. 

Darragh O'Connor

All instructors are required to be vetted and to undergo a background check in order to work with junior players. 



Located at 285 Ayer Rd in Harvard Massachusetts.   The junior training program is held each Sunday during the school year.

Lead Instructor:  PBIA Master Instructor Roy Pastor

Times:    Noon to 2:00pm

Juniors are never charged a fee for instruction, or being a part of our junior programs.  Each year we run fundraisers to help the families defray the cost of travel for tournaments,  entry fees, as well as acquiring cues etc.  If you would like to donate equipment, or make a monetary donation, please contact us.  If you or your business would like to sponsor a Junior for participation in the 2024 Junior Nationals in Illinois,  or travel to New Zealand for the 2024 WPA Junior World Championships, please let us know.  

 Located at 1393 Pleasant St. Weymouth, Massachusetts, billiard training is offered Mondays - Thursdays 2:00 pm - 6:00pm.

Lead instructor:  Kathy Collins, PBIA accredited instructor. 

The curriculum at the Weymouth Teen Center is the same as that being taught at the Red Dragon and throughout our online programs.  

Located:   365 Lindell Ave. Leominster Massachusetts

Lead Instructor:  Terrance McCormick, PBIA accredited instructor. 

Curriculum: The same curriculum as the Red Dragon and the Weymouth Teen Center. 

This is a new program beginning on April 27,  2023.  Classes will be held Thursdays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm.  

The first 6 week session will focus on juniors 8-12 years old.  

We anticipate adding another session at the Clubs teen center for the summer. 

In order to develop junior billiard programs through the Boys and Girls Clubs in the New England area and beyond, we are very excited to announce our association with J.U.M.P. Inc.  (Just Understand My Potential).     JUMP is a 501 c3 non-profit corporation dedicated to  young helping young people to realize their full potential through mentorship and a variety of activities that provide life lessons, personal insights, and confidence which serve as a foundation for taking on leadership roles in the community. 

  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation through JUMP, please earmark any such donation for the Junior Billiards Program.  Donations will be used to purchase equipment, repair or replace pool tables, and to expand to other Boys and Girl Club locations. 


The Break and Run Premier Junior Instructional Program  is a free online instruction and coaching site for junior players, offered by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA).   The BCA is the North American agent of the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA -the world governing body of pool)   and, as such, is the governing body of pool in North America. 

All Break and Run instructors are PBIA accredited and have undergone background checks and approval to work with junior players. 

The instructors of the Break and Run program now train students throughout the United States as well as internationally. 

Curriculum:  The same as is being used in the in-house programs mentioned on this page. 

Lead instructors:   Master Instructor Roy Pastor of Massachusetts, and Advanced Level Instructor Steve Sherman of California. 

                                     Welcome to the Program

Skylar Hess

Players start in the break and run program by submitting a short video, 3-5 minutes, of a normal practice

The initial video is used to establish an initial baseline for instruction and to assign an instructor/coach. 

Kyle Yi

Sofia Mast


A private instruction page is set up and the process of working through our curriculum begins. 

Picking up a cue for the first time or having some experience, the curriculum focusses heavily on solid fundamentals, good technique, positive attitude, and strong work ethic. 

Tanvee Vallem

Donovan Seymour

Each student is assigned a PBIA accredited instructor who has been trained to work with junior players. 

Every modern communication tool is utilized.  Player and coach use zoom, video exchange and review, texts, messenger, live stream, and the occassional in person session. 

Aidan Wagner

Timmy Cossey

The pace of the instruction is determined by the student and the instructor/coach.  

As the student progresses through each step of the curriculum there is constant feedback and re-evaluation. 

Kelli Banks

Ezra Seymour

Each new skill set acquired affects established skill sets and fundamentals. 

Each student works with their instructor/coach to maximize their potential

Braylon Jensen

Chase Murray


Regardless of skill level, instruction is tailored to each specific student. 

Xavier Murray

9 year old Tanvee talks about balancing pool and school

All students, whether taught in-person or online, receive the same curriculum and professional instruction and coaching.  Each year the most dedicated of these students travel to the BEF National Championships.  The very best of the best compete in this event in hopes of being selected for a coveted spot on the American team in the World Junior Championships.  This year we competed in Quincy Illinois. 

         Internnational Junior Programs

The Break and Run Junior Premier Instructional Program, and the Billiard Education Foundation have Partnered with The South African Pool4Change program to provide billiard training programs to the school children of South Africa. 

Lead instructor for the Pool4Change Program:   PBIA Certified Instructor Galiek Saville

PBIA Certified Instructor Galiek Saville is the founder and chairman of the South African non-profit Pool4Change program. The stated mission of the Pool4Change program is to aide in the development of school age children as athletes and strong individuals by instilling a positive attitude and life skills through billiards. Students are taught that everyday realities of violence, drugs, and poverty do not define or limit their potential.

  Founded in 2018 the program gained traction in 2019 in one school district.  With no funding and a few secondhand tables, dozens of schools initially joined the program seeking to offer their students the opportunities offered.

    In 2020 the Pool4Change program became an associate member of the South Africa Confederation of Cue Sports (SACCS).  Galiek currently serves as that organizations Transformation and Development Officer.

   In 2021 the Pool4Change program partnered with the BCA Break and Run Program to develop curriculum and a teaching structure combining online and in person teaching and coaching.

     Over the course of many months of meetings with representatives of the department of education for the provinces, the Pool4Change program entered into agreements with those provinces to provide curriculum for training and coaching juniors as part of their school program.

  The school program is using a BCA/PBIA based curriculum online and in person instruction with assigned teachers, and PBIA accredited volunteer instructors. 

  The school-based program began in 2022 in the Western Province, Gauteng Province, and the Eastern Cape, with approximately 150 schools and approximately 5,000-7,500 students.   The program has now expanded to 300+ schools and approximately 14,000 students.

Each school has 1-2 teachers who are assigned to the program as onsite “coaches”. 

 The actual instruction component varies between school districts and schools.   The Pool4Change program has been instrumental in obtaining pool tables for the schools.  Currently, about 100 of the participating 224 schools in the Pool4Change program, either have a pool table or have direct access to one.  For instance, 2-3 schools in proximity might share tables in one of the schools.

   Instruction training is offered on a weekly basis to those schools with direct table access.  The materials, curriculum, and structure of the instruction derives from our PBIA program and the Break and Run Program.

      The students at the schools without direct table access are taught in regional centers and online.  For instance, Galiek or other program personnel will travel to a hall or facility and have the teachers and students from groups of those schools show up for instruction.  The teachers then take the instruction back to the schools. 

      While the primary focus of the program and training is the beginner school player, there has been a significant growth from last year in the intermediate and skilled junior player.  That number is estimated to be in the vicinity of 3,000. 

     The intermediate + students have an avenue of increased instruction and school league/tournament systems. 

  The Pool4Change program is now developing programs with 5 schools for the hearing impaired/deaf and 6 schools of students with other disabilities. 

  This program not only has the potential to significantly impact the sport in the country of South Africa, but it will create a model which can be replicated elsewhere



The Mission of the International Junior Billiard Series is to bridge the gaps created by geography, financial resources, and language that separate the young players in our sport.  To create opportunities for the young player to showcase their talents, make connections nationally and internationally, to develop a structure for financial support, education, training, and student exchange and travel.

Using technology and industry support, as well as our network of professional instructors, tour directors, and junior training programs here and abroad, we will be developing a truly unique platform for our billiard industry.

Junior players from the Break and Run program vs Junior players from the South African Pool4Change Program