Welcome to the New England Junior American Billiard Championship Series.  Our series currently consists of six (6) stops; five (5) state championships and one (1) New England Regional Championship.

  State championship tour stops: 

        The Billiard Congress of America    (BCA) is the governing body of pool in North America.  Along with the Billiard Education Foundation  (BEF) The BCA has, for more than a generation, created a platform for young players to compete, grow, and to flourish in the sport of billiards.

        The winners of each State Championship stop, in both the Girls and Boys divisions, will be awarded the official title of State Champion and will win a paid entry into the 2024 BEF American National Billiard Championships. This event is scheduled to take place at the Oakley-Lindsay Center in Quincy Illinois, July 8-13. 

         The BEF American National Billiard Championships is the most prestigious youth billiard event in North America.  America's top young cueists compete for academic scholarships, prizes, and an opportunity to represent North America in the 2024 WPA World Junior Billiard Championships.

         Those young players chosen to represent the United States on the North American team will travel to New Zealand in November of 2024 to compete against the best junior players worldwide representing approximately 30 countries.

          Players must not turn 19 during the calendar year 2024 to be eligible.  There is no minimum age to enter either the boys or girls qualifying bracket. 

        New England Regional Billiard Championships:

             Everyone who has competed in at least one of our New England State Championship tour stops will be invited to compete in our New England Regional Championships.   The winners of the State Championship stops, as well as those who place, will be seeded in our New England Regional event.   Not only will the winners of the Regional Event receive a New England Championship Title, but we are raising funds to provide monies towards travel to the BEF American National Championships in July. 

    12 and under bracket:

           Each tour stop will also hold a 12 and under bracket.  This bracket is designed to offer opportunities for the less experienced and younger player to participate in a competitive setting and to be recognized for their success.   While players in this bracket will also qualify to compete in the BEF American National Billiard Championships,  winners of this bracket do not receive a free entry to nationals and are not eligible to compete in the WPA World Junior Billiard Championships.  

                                How do I sign up?

All players must be a member of the Billiard Education Foundation.  There is a $15 membership fee and application that must be completed and submitted. 

    Membership to the Billiard Education Foundation runs from Sept. 1st to August each year.   You can sign up on line or by downloading and sending in the membership form

      There is a $25 entry fee for the boys and girls 18 u qualifying events.   There is no entry fee required for the 12u bracket, although membership in the BEF is still required. 

       For entry into a specific event go to: 

                        Connecticut State Junior Billiard Championships, Jan. 28, 2024

                        Massachusetts State Junior Billiard Championships, Feb 17, 2024

                        Rhode Island State Junior Billiard Championships, March 24, 2024

                        New Hampshire State Junior Billiard Championships,  April 6, 2024

                         Maine State Junior Billiard Championships, April 27, 2024

                         New England Regional Billiard Championships, May 19, 2024  More info to follow


     Sponsors, Partners, and Supporters

      New England 9 ball series

The New England Junior American Championship Series has partnered with Marc Dione, MD Promotions, and the New England 9-ball series to promote Billiards throughout the New England Region.

MD Promotions was founded by Marc Dionne in September of 2003 to promote billiard tournaments. The concept of MD Promotions is to have a tour for pool players of all levels to compete. The company was started due to the love of the sport / game.

MD Promotions is the home of the New England 9 Ball Series. This series is currently broken down into two divisions, an open / all level and a BCD level. While this series attracts some of the strongest players in the New England area, players of all levels can compete comfortably and have a chance at winning, meeting new players, and learning how to play at tournaments.

      Just Understand My Potential (JUMP)

We are very excited to announce our association with J.U.M.P. Inc.  (Just Understand My Potential).     JUMP is a 501 c3 non-profit corporation dedicated to  young helping young people to realize their full potential through mentorship and a variety of activities that provide life lessons, personal insights, and confidence which serve as a foundation for taking on leadership roles in the community. 

  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation through JUMP, please earmark any such donation for the Junior Billiards Program. 

        Billiard Education Foundation

 The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF)  is a non-profit 501 c3 corporation dedicated to promote education, leadership, confidence, work ethic, and self worth to young people through the sport of billiards. 

 If you would like to make a tax deductible donation through the BEF, please earmark any such donation for the New England Junior Billiards Program.  


         The New England USA Pool League

The New England USA Pool League is the premier amateur pool league in New England.  The New England USA Pool League operates under Cue Sports International (CSI).  Running both USA and BCA Leagues, league operator Roy Pastor has maintained a focus on promoting and growing the sport throughout the New England Region

                                       Just the Tip

Just the tip offers the finest in cue repair and custom accessories.  Proprietor Jodie Thompson is an avid pool player and supporter of the sport.  Jodie (JT) has promoted and supported junior billiards for years.  

                                       Simonis Cloth

No one has done more to support junior billiards in the United States than Ivan Lee and Simonis Cloth.  Simonis provides every tour stop location with a cut of cloth.  Simonis is, without question the gold standard for billiard cloth.  Thank you Ivan Lee!!  

                                       Pechauer Cues

The Pechauer Cue family has been a tremendous support to the Juniors of New england and throughout the United States.  Makers of the finest American cues, Joe, Steve and the entire Pechauer staff have been  consistent supporters of junior players for generations.  Thanks Joe!!

Break and Run Junior Instruction Program

The Break and Run Premier Junior Instructional Program is an online program offering free coaching and instruction to all junior players 19 and under.  All instructors are PBIA accredited and have undergone background screening.  Instructors volunteer their time in order to provide the very best professional one on one instruction.   Using an established and proven curriculum the break and run program provides support not only to junior players, but also to junior programs worldwide.  The Break and Run program provides support to young players and to programs on four continents.