About Us

Welcome to the New England USA Pool League Site (NEUSA).  NEUSA provides the best pool league experience for every player in the New England area, regardless of experience or skill level.
We are the fastest growing league in New England and continue to look for new players, teams and host locations.

The USA Pool League (USAPL) was designed to provide every player the most fun and excitement out of their traditional pool league experience. The proven Fargo Handicap System is the Gold Standard of Handicap Systems now being used in leagues, tournaments and tours. . Players of all skill levels compete for cash and prizes. The USAPL provides opportunities for both individual and team participation in the USAPL National Championship held in Las Vegas along side the BCAPL National Championships and Pro Events. 

It is completely FREE to join the USAPL. There are no national sanctioning fees, registration fees, or membership fees. One affordable weekly fee does it all.  50% of all weekly fees paid by players are held to be paid back to players for cash prizes, trophies and the Nationals in Las Vegas.

The USA Pool League is operated under the auspices of Cue Sports International (CSI). CSI is also the parent company to the BCAPL-BCA Pool League and the NCS-National Championship Series. CSI produces many successful independent events such as USBTC- US Bar Table Championships and Swanson Memorial.

Player to player and team to team, the USA Pool League will ensure a very competitive, fair and fun filled atmosphere for all.