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Youth Leagues

PBIA  Master Instructor Roy Pastor has organized and operated a youth league since 2002. Roy is an instructor and principal with the American Academy of Billiard and Cue Sports . 

The Junior League meets every Sunday at 1:30pm and usually ends between 4:30 and 5:00pm.  The league runs during the school year at the Billiards Cafe in Ayer Ma. The Junior League will operate under the rules of the USA Pool League.  Teams of 5 players will be formed, each team having a captain and three matches deciding the team win or loss. Each player will receive a skill level pursuant to the USA League system and each match will be handicapped accordingly.

Membership in the USA Pool League is free and the weekly cost to the player is $6.00 if a match is played.  There is no cost to a player if they do not play a match. All table/practice time during league play is generously provided by the Billiards Café and is free to the player.

In addition to weekly league play, every junior player is offered free billiard instruction, opportunities to play in national qualifying tournaments for the annual BEF Junior National 9-ball Championships and travel to various College host locations for this very prestigious national competition.  Roy has trained some of the best junior players in the United States and several have won, and continue to excel, at national tournament competitions. If you would like to see some photos of Junior events log onto the Billiard Academy’s Facebook page. and the New England USA Pool Leagues Facebook page.

If you would like more information on the USA Junior Pool League, Junior training or other opportunities for the young cueists, send Roy an e-mail at or call Roy at 978-660-0617.