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Rule Highlights:
  • Play 8-ball, 10-ball, 9-ball or any combination of two in our “Double Play" division. 
  • Divisions can be 3 matches, 4 matches or 5 match sets.
  • Play call shot 8-ball and 10-ball. With no “slop” every player improves on their own merit.
  • Players are assigned a Fargo rating which will determine the race for the match. 
  • The 8-ball, the 10-ball and the 9 are each worth 14 points for the winner and the opponent gets 1 point for every ball pocketed.
  • Players win by making enough points to meet or surpass their "Race To" number.
  • Every player racks for themselves
  • All matches are alternating breaks. 
  • The 8, 10 or the 9 on the break does not win the game. The ball is spotted and play continues.
  • All standard equipment, including jump cues, are permitted.
  • Safeties must be called and, in 8-ball, end the shooters turn regardless of whether or not a ball is made.
  Our local by laws reflect the culture and requirements of our region.  In the event of a conflict with our USAPL National Rules, our bylaws take precedence.  The order in which the rules should be used is as follows: