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Fargo, Schedules and Stats

Fargo is fast becoming the gold Standard of all Handicap Systems in the sport of pool.  Players receive a Fargo rating which compares their performance accurately and fairly across the entire pool community utilizing a web of interconnections and historical data.  To look up a players Fargo Rating and to learn more about this amazing rating system log onto

USAPL FARGO CALCULATOR: In order to convert the player Fargo Rating into a USAPL Race To Number log onto the USAPL FARGO CALCULATOR  Each division will enter the Fargo rating using either the "Short Race" or the "Longer Race".  That determination will be made by the League Manager in conjunction with the Division Rep for each Division. 

Schedules, Team and Individual Stats and Standings

   We are expecting to have available, from the National USAPL Office, new mobile apps and software for the players to have centrally located information sources.  For the time being please click on the links below to find the Schedules as well as the individual and team Stats, played matches and more for your division this Spring Session.  

                                       CLICK HERE