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Master Player Division

The New England USA Pool League Master 9-ball division is a “by invitation only” division. The goal is to invite only serious players   who have demonstrated a desire to improve and perfect their game as well as a willingness to share their knowledge and skill. More often than not the serious player will be identified by their skill level and it is expected that this division will be made up primarily of highly ranked players. Amateur league players, as well as those who are not welcome in other leagues because professional status, will be considered for admission to this league. However, skill level will not be the only criteria.  We will be considering a player’s level of commitment to the sport and the degree of sportsmanship exhibited by the player in competitive settings.

   As in all USA Pool League divisions the skill level rating will be between 30 and 125.  Only the most accomplished players are rated at 100 or above.  The high team rating limit for the master division, 300 for a three match set, 400 for a four match set and 500 for a five match set allows teams to play their best, highly skilled players, in a match. In the unlikely event that a team would exceed the team limit, a simple point adjustment is made to the final score, similar to “spotting” the opposing team points. There is no disqualification of players or teams for exceeding a numerical limit like there is in other leagues.

   If you would like to be considered for admission to play in this league or you know of a “serious” player who you would like to recommend, contact Roy Pastor at NewEngland@playusapool.com